7. On Your Own!

In this final step, you'll see some examples you can take to make this your own project as well as links to additional topics on lighting and lighting techniques.


Using what you have learned over the course of this Quick Start Guide, try to do the following:


  • Extend the apartment to add more rooms.

  • Light the other rooms with Point Lights or Spot Lights.

  • Add props from the Content/StarterContent/Props folder (such as door or window frames, doors or lamps).


  • Use a Sphere Reflection Capture in a room.

  • Use a different IES Profile on a light.

  • Create a floor lamp using Spot Lights.


  • You can also change the Directional Light to make it a night scene.


For more information on the topics covered in this Quick Start Guide, and across the entire editor, see the Unreal Editor Manual .

As for coverage related to the topics in this guide:

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