Camera Modules

These modules modify the emitter behavior with respect to the camera.

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These modules modify the emitter behavior with respect to the camera.

Camera Offset


In this example, the blue particles are the same size as the red ones, and are being emitted from the same location. However, a Camera Offset node is offsetting the blue particles, pulling them closer to the camera.

The Camera Offset module allows the positions of sprite particles to be offset relative to the camera. In essence, it pulls particles closer toward the camera or pushes them away. It provides the following properties:




Camera Offset

The camera-relative offset to apply to the sprite particle location.

Spawn Time Only

If true, the offset from this module will only be processed when the particle is originally spawned.

Update Method

Specifies the method to use when updating the offset from this module. The following options are available:




Sets the offset directly using the Camera Offset value, overwriting any previous offset.


Adds the Camera Offset value from this module to any previous offset.


Scales any existing offset by the Camera Offset value.


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