Particle System Reference

Complete reference for Particle System type data and modules.


Base Classes

Reference material over the base classes that make up particle systems, such as the ParticleSystem class and the ParticleEmitter class.

  • Particle System Class - A technical reference for the base ParticleSystem class, showing its properties.

  • Particle Emitter Class - A property reference for Particle Emitters, the components that make up Cascade's Emitter List.

  • Particle Module Class - A property reference for the Cascade class, from which all particle modules inherit. All modules will contain the properties within this class.

TypeData Modules

The default type of an emitter when added to a ParticleSystem is that of a sprite emitter. It is also possible to create other types of emitters through the use of TypeData modules. These modules provide specific functionality for emitting other types of particles, such as beams, meshes, and ribbons.


Modules are used to control various aspects of the particles that are released by an emitter. They can affect a particle during spawning, updating, or both. Modules interact with each other based on their order within the emitter (their location on the stack of modules in Cascade). For example, applying two velocity modules to an emitter will result in a cumulative effect on the particles.

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