Adding nDisplay to an Existing Project

Describes how to set up any existing Project to be ready for nDisplay.


You don't have to use the nDisplay Template Project in order to render through nDisplay. If you already have a different Project set up with your content, you can adjust that Project so that it can take advantage of nDisplay.

In the following steps, you'll set up your Project with a special GameMode that contains custom classes pre-built to work with nDisplay. You cannot currently use nDisplay with your own choice of GameMode, Pawn, and Controller classes.

To set up an existing Project to use nDisplay:

  1. Enable the nDisplay plugin.
    In the Unreal Editor, choose Edit > Plugins from the main menu. Search for "nDisplay", and check the Enabled checkbox.

  2. Enable nDisplay for your Project.
    Choose Edit > Project Settings from the main menu, and find the Plugins > nDisplay section. Check the Enabled checkbox.

  3. Still in the Project Settings window, go to the Project > Description section, and check the Settings > Use Borderless Window checkbox.

  4. Restart the Unreal Editor and reopen your Project.

  5. Continue on with the rest of the setup instructions in the Quick Start Guide .

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