4. Triggering the Sequence Playback and Blend

In this step we trigger the playback of our sequence and tell our Blueprints to start blending in our Slot animation.

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In the final step before we can test out our setup, we use the Level Blueprint to activate our Level Sequence when the player enters the Trigger Box. When our Sequence starts, the property DefaultSlotInterp that is exposed to cinematics is changed which starts the process of updating our interp values. This tells our Animation Blueprint to start blending from gameplay animation to our Slot Animation.

  1. With the Triggerbox selected, from the main toolbar, click the Blueprints button then Open Level Blueprint.


  2. Right-click in the graph then under Collision for the Trigger Box select Add On Actor Begin Overlap.


  3. Return to the level viewport and select your Level Sequence, then in the Level Blueprint right-click and add a reference to your Level Sequence.


  4. Off your Level Sequence, use Get Sequence Player then off it use the Play node and connect as shown.


  5. Compile and Save, then click Play to play in the editor.

End Result

When our character enters the trigger volume, regardless of their current animation state, we start to blend from our gameplay pose into our death pose defined by Sequencer.

We could take this a step further by adding a camera to our Sequence and improve the blending by shifting the point in which the death animation starts in our Sequence.

In the example above, the player can walk, run, crouch walk, or jump into the trigger and each case they will blend into the death animation when entering the trigger volume.

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