Moving Actors with Sequencer

Illustrates the different ways you can move Actors in your levels with Sequencer.

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When creating your cinematic, you may want to move objects around in your scene (for example, moving a camera which you are shooting from, opening a door, moving a car down the street). Using the Transform track of an Actor added to Sequencer, you can keyframe a starting position, scrub the timeline forward then move the Actor to a new position and keyframe it to have that Actor move between keyframes over time.

In this example, we move a box around in the scene using the Transform track.



For this how-to guide, we are using the Blueprint Third Person Template with Starter Content enabled.

  1. Inside your project, from the Modes panel under Basic, drag the Cube asset into the level.


  2. From the main toolbar, click the Cinematics button then select Add Level Sequence.


  3. In the Save Asset As window, choose a save name and location then click the Save button.


  4. Inside the level select the cube, then inside Sequencer, click the Track button and under Actor To Sequencer select Add Cube.


    This will add the cube to and enable us to control through the Sequencer Editor.

  5. On the Transform track for the cube, click the + symbol to add a key at frame 0.


    This will add a keyframe for the current transform of the cube to Sequencer.

  6. Scrub the timeline marker forward to frame 100, then move the cube in the level along the Y axis forward and add a key for it by clicking the + symbol.


    After adding the keyframe at frame 100, you will see a dotted line inside the viewport indicating the movement path of the cube.


    Instead of clicking the + symbol on the Transform track, you can also press the S key with an Actor selected.

  7. Click the Preview Play button in the viewport or inside Sequencer.


End Result

When we play the sequence, the cube will move along the specified keyframe path.

This method of generating movement for an Actor is perfect for situations where you have an object that you want to move at a specified start/end location that will not change.

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