3 - Your First Shot - Character Animation

In this step, we will use the Project Browser to create a New Project.

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In the previous step, we added a camera and provided a path for our camera to take and adjusted some of the Camera's settings. In this step, we replace the Character Blueprint that is used with the template project with a Skeletal Mesh Actor that we can apply animations to, completing our first shot.


  1. In the Content Browser, navigate to the Content/Mannequin/Character/Mesh folder and click on SK_Mannequin.


  2. In the left Viewport, right-click on the Character in the Level and choose Replace Selected Actors with and choose SK_Mannequin.


    This will replace the default Character Blueprint used for gameplay with a Skeletal Mesh Actor.

  3. In the left Viewport, use the Transform Tools to move the Skeletal Mesh down to the ground and rotate it forward.


    You can click the icons at the top of the viewport to switch between Location and Rotation options and can disable Grid Snapping to get more precise movement.

  4. With the Skeletal Mesh still selected, in Sequencer click the Track button, then select Actor To Sequencer and Add ThirdPersonCharacter.


    This will add a reference to the Skeletal Mesh in the Level to Sequencer so that we can control it within Sequencer.

  5. For the ThirdPersonCharacter Track, click the + Animation button then search for and add the ThirdPersonIdle animation.


    The Skeletal Mesh in the Level will assume an Idle pose and the Track will be added to Sequencer.

  6. Left-click and drag the end of the ThirdPersonIdle animation to the right so it loops and fills the entire 150 frames.


  7. On the Camera Cuts track, click the Unlock/Lock Camera button.


    Locking the Camera on a Camera Cuts Track, will only affect Cinematic Viewports.


  8. Jump to the beginning of the Sequence, then click the Preview Play button in the Cinematic Viewport to play the sequence.

End Result

The focal point of our cinematic has been added and we have applied and looped an animation for the Character to use.

In the next step, we will work on another shot for our scene before we add both shots to our Master track.

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