Rendering and Exporting in Sequencer

Learn how to render and export cinematics in Sequencer


Once you are finished with your sequence or cinematic, you can use the Rendering tools to export your cinematic. The current tool is Render Movie, which will eventually be replaced by High-Quality Media Export.

Render Movie

High-Quality Media Export

While High Quality Media Export is generally ready for you to use and provide feedback on, you may encounter issues when extending the system since the internal APIs are still in development. Additionally, not all Render Movie's functionality (such as Composure, GBuffer Channels, ProRes/AvidDNxHD, and XML export) is in High Quality Media Export at this time. We will continue to update and improve the functionality and stabilize the UI for High Quality Media Export before it is released from Beta.

Rendering and Exporting with Raytracing

Topics coming soon!

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