World Outliner UI

The World Outliner panel displays all of the Actors within the scene in a hierarchical tree view. Actors can be selected and modified directly from the World Outliner. You can also use the Info drop down menu to display an extra column that shows Levels, Layers, or ID Names.

When the Level Editor is in Play mode or Simulate mode, the World Outliner may display Actors that are dynamically spawned from gameplay code or from Blueprints, in addition to the existing Actors.





Search Filter Box

Allows you to type text to filter the Actors displayed.


List Heading

Allows you to sort Actors in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order.


Info Drop-Down List

Allows you to add and sort by a second column of information about the Actors in your level.


Actor List

Lists all the Actors in your level (unless the list is being filtered).


Mobility Icons

Displays the Mobility setting for that Actor: orange for Movable, yellow for Stationary, and nothing for Static.


View Options Menu

Gives you additional filtering options for which types of Actors are displayed in the list.

You can close any panel by clicking the small "X" in the upper-right corner of the tab. You can also hide any panel by right-clicking on the tab, and then clicking Hide Tab on the context menu that appears. To once again display a panel that you have closed, click that panel's name on the Window menu.

Pressing F1 will display the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) Material documentation.

For more information about the World Outliner, see the World Outliner documentation.