Apsalar is a a Facebook Mobile Ads analytics service supported in recent versions of Unreal Engine.

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Apsalar started as a free analytics service that can perform Facebook advertisement attribution. It recently switched to a fee based model. It's a popular service, since you can measure the return on investment for Facebook Mobile Ads, which only a small number of analytics providers can do. To use their service, you must register at their site, get an application key and password that uniquely identifies your app, and download the libraries which get compiled into the Apsalar plugin. See the plugin's corresponding .Build.cs file to see where the libraries and headers are expected to be placed.


Once you have done the prerequisites and have successfully built the plugin for the target platform, you can configure the plugin for your game. As of 4.5, there are five configuration

  1. The ApiKey and ApiSecret are used to uniquely identify your application. The SendInterval setting controls how often data is sent to the Apsalar servers. MaxBufferSize is the size of the buffer it keeps before flushing to the service. ManuallyReportRevenue controls whether Apsalar listens to in-app purchase receipts or not. If set to false, Apsalar will automatically report revenue for your application. The only required properties are the ApiKey and ApiSecret. You can leave the others out of your configuration and Apsalar's defaults will be used. The snippet below shows a theoretical configuration for Apsalar. As with all analytics providers, the configuration data goes in your DefaultEngine.ini file.

    [Analytics] ApiKey=MyAppsAnalytics ApiSecret=Ga35tYi SendInterval=60 MaxBufferSize=32767 ManuallyReportRevenue=true

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