1. Character Setup

Here we will set up our character and create some assets that we will need later in this guide.


To get started, we will create some assets that will be used by our character. First we will create an Animation Blueprint (we will populate it later in this series) which will be used to drive the animations of the character, then we will create our Character Blueprint which will hold the logic behind our character's actions and how it responds to input.

For this project, we are using the Animation Starter Pack which is available for free in the Marketplace. Once you have downloaded the Animation Starter Pack, you can add the pack to an existing project via the Add to project button in the Launcher then specifying the project you want to add the assets to.

For this project, we are using the Blank Project Template in order to start with a fresh project.

  1. With your project open, Right-click in the Content Browser and select New Asset then Animation then Animation Blueprint.


  2. In the Target Skeleton window, select the UE4_Mannequin_Skeleton asset.


  3. Give your Animation Blueprint a name, such as MyAnimationBlueprint.

  4. Right-click in the Content Browser, create a Blueprint Class then select Character as the class.

  5. Give it a name, such as MyCharacter, then open it up.

  6. In the Components window, click the Mesh Component.


  7. In the Details panel, click the None box next to Skeletal Mesh and assign the SK_Mannequin_Skeleton Skeletal Mesh.


  8. Set the Location and Rotation under Transform for Z to -90 and assign the Animation Blueprint created in step 1.


  9. Click the Add Component button, then add a Spring Arm Component.

  10. In the Details panel, set the Location of Z to 50, the Socket Offset for Z to 30, and check Use Pawn Control Rotation.


    The Spring Arm component will be used with a Camera to create a Third Person Perspective.

  11. Click the Add Component button, then add a Camera Component.

  12. In the Components Window, click on and drag the Camera onto the Spring Arm to make it a child of the Spring Arm Component.


  13. In the Details panel for the Camera, zero out the Location and Rotation values under Transform.


  14. In the Component Window, click on the Character Movement Component.

  15. In the Details panel, search for Rotation and under Character Movement, check the boxes shown below.


  16. Next search for Walk Speed, then set the Max Walk Speed to 200 and Max Walk Speed Crouched to 160.


    You can change these values to whatever you would like, but this should serve as a good starting point.

  17. In the My Blueprint window, click the Create Variable button and create a Bool called JogPressed.

  18. Create four more Bool variables: CrouchPressed, PronePressed, JumpPressed, and DisableMovement.


  19. Compile and Save then close the Blueprint.

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