Possessing Pawns

If you want to switch between multiple Playable Characters in your game or you have a situation where you want a Character to enter and control a Vehicle (car, plane, tank, etc.) or other Pawn that has unique controls (like a mounted machine gun a player can control), you will want to take Possession of the Character or Pawn in order to pass input information to it.

The PlayerController is what is responsible for directing a Pawn and Possession of a Pawn requires a PlayerController to be specified. Pawns themselves do not need to be a humanoid character and can be anything that you want to apply basic movement to and allow a player to control. Characters on the other hand are a form of Pawn that includes Collision and a CharacterMovementComponent by default which allows it to do basic human-like movement.

The link below in the Setup section will give you examples on Pawn Possession using Blueprints.

Implementation Guides