Referencing Actors

A How To Guide for Referencing Actors in Unreal Engine 4.

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By establishing reference to an Actor, you can access its Properties, Variables, Events, or Functions (if applicable) during gameplay through Blueprints or C++ and alter them to suit your gameplay needs.

Say for example you want a light to turn on when a player enters a Trigger Box, having reference to the light and the Trigger Box will allow you to do so by tying the light Actor to the OnComponentBeginOverlap Event of the Trigger Box (in which case you could turn on the light).

Getting proper reference to an Actor is also important for communication between Actors, as incorrectly specifying a reference will result in failed communication and undesirable results.

The link below in the Setup section will give you examples on How to Reference Actors using Blueprints.

Implementation Guides

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