1. Working with Actor Transforms

Using the Transforms section of the Details panel to manipulate the Location, Rotation and Scale of an Actor.

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An important part to working with Actors is to understand the process of Transforming Actors which includes the moving, rotating and scaling of an Actor as well as defining its Mobility (whether an Actor will be allowed to move or change in some way during gameplay). In this step we will focus on using the Details panel to adjust transformations for a selected Actor to set its Location, Scale and Moblity in the level.

For this How To guide, we will be using a new project using the Blueprint Third Person template with Starter Content enabled. If you have not created a project based off a template before or are not sure how to enable Starter Content, refer to the Create a New Project page for information on creating/opening projects, templates, and project settings.


  1. With your project open, inside the Content Browser open the Content/StarterContent/Shapes folder.

  2. Left-click-drag the Shape_Sphere into the viewport just above the stairs in the level.


  3. When the Actor is placed, the Details panel in the lower-right porition of the editor will become populated.

  4. Inside the Details panel under Transform, click the lock icon for Scale and set the XYZ values to 3.0.


    Clicking the lock icon will ensure that the X, Y and Z values scale uniformly rather than independatly of one another.

    As you make the changes, the sphere in the level will update to the new values entered.


  5. Set the Location values for XYZ to -140.0, 380.0, and 350.0 respectively and set the Mobility to Movable.


    This will move the Actor up in the air slightly above the stairs and enable its ability to change during gameplay.

End Result

We've set the Location, Scale and Moblity for our Actor via the Details panel directly however you can also manipulate Actors inside the viewport using the Transform tools . Using the Details panel properties is very useful when you need things to line up percisely or need exact numerical values.

Next up we will update the Material applied to our Actor through the Details panel.

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