Chaos Destruction

Outlines where to find learning resources for the Chaos Destruction system within Unreal Engine 4.


Chaos is Unreal Engine's high-performance physics and destruction system. With Chaos Destruction, users can achieve cinematic-quality visuals in real time in scenes with massive-scale levels of destruction and unprecedented artist control over content creation.


Depending on which build you choose to use, you may not need to enable the Chaos plugin.

  • If you are using a standard build of Unreal Engine 4.26, or an earlier version, Chaos Destruction tools must be enabled and compiled using a Source build.

  • For users choosing to use the UE_4.26Chaos build, or a later version, Chaos is enabled by default. For more information, refer to the Chaos Destruction Overview documentation linked below.

Below you will find links to additional documentation regarding the Chaos Destruction tools. If you are new to Chaos, it is recommended that you check out the Starting Out section, which includes an overview of the system to quickly get you up and running with the toolset.

Starting Out

Further Reading

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