How-To Create a Physical Animation Profile

This how-to will show you how to create a Physical Animation Profile using the Physics Asset Tool.


In this How-To, we'll cover the basics of creating a Physical Animation Profile and adding Physics Bodies to it.


  1. Open or Create a Physics Asset for your Skeletal Mesh using the Content Browser.


    If opting to create a new Physics Asset you'll need to set it up before continuing.

  2. Open the Physics Asset window by using the Window Menu -> Physics Asset option.


  3. Add Profile using the + button on the Physical Animation Profiles entry, and set its name (in the image below we've named it DocsProfile).


  4. Close the Physics Assset Window.

  5. Using the Profile Button select the desired Physical Animation Profile to edit (again, we've chosen DocsProfile).


  6. Switch the Physics Asset Editor to Physics Body Mode using the Bodies physAnimBodyButton.png button.

  7. Select the Physics Bodies you wish to include in the Physical Animation Profile.

  8. Press the Add to Profile: YourProfileName button in the Details Panel.


  9. Adjust the settings for the selected Physics Bodies.


    A solid place to start for these values is 1000, 100, 1000, 100, 0, 0


  10. Repeat steps 7-9 for the Physics Bodies you desire to have in the Physical Animation Profile.

  11. Save your Physics Asset using the Save button in the Physics Asset Tool.



The Physics Asset will have a profile that can be called upon from Blueprint or C++ to change the Physical Animation properties of its Physics Bodies.

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