Fortnite Basic Commands

Basic console commands for Fortnite QA testing







Completely pauses the game.


God mode


Gives high quality weapons for each slot

Giveresources [Amount]

Gives the player an amount of building resources.


This command toggles display of score-boards off/on. That is important if they do not want the scoreboard to interrupt at daybreak! When scoreboards come up, they also reset the TimeOfDaySpeed to 1.0!

Time of Day

Settimeofday [Time]

Sets the time of day. Works with a wide variety of formats, ordinary time, military, decimal, etc. Examples:

  • 10:30am

  • 10:30

  • 10.5

  • 4p

  • 4:00pm

  • 16

  • 1600

Settimeofdayspeed [Rate]

Multiplies the a rate at which time passes by the value entered. 0 to pause time-of-day; 1 normal speed; any other multiples of normal game-speed.

SetDayPhase [Phase]

Phase can be one of: Morning/Day/Evening/Night or 0/1/2/3 - This command is equivalent to SetTimeOfDay, but automatically sets the time to the middle of the phase in question so there is zero influence/blending with any other phases. The console reports what time it has been set to for reference.

FFToTimeOfDay [Time] [Speed]

In this case, time must be in decimal format, i.e. 10.5 == 10:30am, speed is the multiple of normal speed to use, then returns to SetTimeOfDaySpeed 1 when complete

Reconstructing a map via Seed

Verifying Map seed

  • Map seed can be checked in the logs. When loading into a level there will be an ascii drawing of the tiles used as well as a Seed# in the logs

Using Map seed to reconstruct a level

  1. Open UE4 Fortnite Editor

  2. Open World _P

  3. Search the scene outliner, find FortWorldManager

  4. In the Details panel for FortWorldMander look for the tile manager section

  5. In the tile manager section check the box next to Use Fixed Seed

  6. Enter the desired seed number in the Fixed Seed field.

  7. Simulate (optional)

  8. Save level using desired name, reopen with game exe

  9. In game exe use open FileName_P to open the map that was created

Editor Settings for Time Of Day

In the editor there are properties they can use prior to PIE'ing which will change the behavior for PIE.

First, they need to select the DayPhaseLightingAndFog Actor in the Scene Outliner view:


Then, in the Details view, they can change whatever properties they like. Editor specific tweaks (which also affect Simulate & PIE) are entirely under the Editor View Settings.


First, either use the Current Time of Day Editing or they can be more specific, by un-checking or checking the Use Specific Time Of Day In Editor box. If using a specific time of day, they can scrub the value



Current Time of Day Editing

Use Specific Time Of Day In Editor

Also, note that checking PIE With Time Frozen works for PIE just like using SetTimeOfDaySpeed 0, but may be more convenient since they will not have to type it every time.

Finally, if you need the shadows to be in a specific direction, you can use Override Light Angle. If that is on in PIE, the sun/moon will not move across the sky (it is just locked to that angle).


Select Skin

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