Major Change and New Feature Testing Process

Testing process to be performed before checking in major changes and new features.


Test Maps

EngineQA maintains a list of test maps, which is currently located in UDKGame\Content\Maps\TestMaps\QA. If you are checking in a feature or touching a system, check the QA test maps for one that may have that feature in it - they are named based on functionality - to be sure everything is in working order.

New Feature Map

If you are checking in a new feature, you should create a small test map that shows the feature and can then be maintained by EngineQA.


If you touch Blueprint code, you can easily check if all Blueprints are still loading correctly by running an automated Blueprint check.

For Fortnite, this process takes about 10 minutes.

  1. Run UE4 Fortnite editor -PlatformTools.

  2. Open the Launcher and Select the Session Browser tab.

  3. Select the Standalone session which matches your computer name.

  4. Browse to the automation tab and check the Blueprints test to enable loading of all Blueprints. Press the Play button at top of window.

  5. All Blueprints will be loaded and compiled. None should fail, indicated by red.

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