Minimal Testing Process

Minimal testing process to be performed before each and every check-in.


In order to maintain engine stability, a minimum amount of testing is expected to be performed before every check-in. This testing process is mandatory.

  1. Build all games Compile Win64 platform using the Development configurations for all games. If everything works as expected, continue.

  2. Launch the editor for the game you made changes to - if general code changes, then run either Fortnite or Pearl Editor. * Open a level in the editor:

    * For _Fortnite_:
        * Load _World_p_ in the Fortnite editor - `UE4Editor.exe ForniteGame World_p`
        * PIE
        * Test out some basic functionality:
            * Use the `buildfree` console command
            * Build a few walls
            * Knock things down with a weapon

    * If everything works as expected, exit PIE and editor and continue.

  3. Run the game you have not run the editor for * Load a level in the game:

    * For _Fortnite_:
        * Start a new game and spawn in - `UE4Editor.exe ForniteGame World_p?newworld`
        * Test out some basic functionality:
            * Find a wall/tree and knock it down with your hammer.
            * Knock down a few more walls or run `buildfree` to enable free building.
            * Press **2** to select a wall building tool, or use mouse scroll wheel, and place it somewhere. 
            Build a few things before exiting.

    * If everything works as expected, exit the game and continue.

  4. If all games compile, the editor and PIE run as expected, and the game runs and plays as expected: If checking in a change to Fortnite, move on to Basic Fortnite Pre-Checkin Testing for further testing instructions. If checking in a large change or implementing a feature, move on to Major Change and New Feature Testing Process for more in-depth testing instructions. * If checking in minor changes, proceed to check-in to P4.

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