5 - Creating a Blueprint Project with Qt Creator

Learn how to create and configure a Blueprint project from your IDE.

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You can create either Blueprint or CPP projects from the Create a New Project in UE4. In this section, we'll show you how to create a new Blueprint project from UE4. For the purposes of this guide, let's suppose that you want to create a new Blueprint game with a flying mechanic. Fortunately, UE4 is shipped with the perfect template for you!

  1. While in the New Project menu, make sure that the Blueprint menu is open.

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  2. Select the Flying Blueprint project template and name the project FlyingBP_Prj.

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  3. Finally, click the Create Project button to create your new Blueprint project using the Flying Blueprint project template.

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    Depending your system specifications, it may take a couple of minutes for UE4 to create your new Blueprint project.

End Result

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UE4 will launch your new Blueprint project without any additional steps.

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Congratulations! You've just created a new Blueprint project from UE4 with the help of a Blueprint project template. Creating any type of Blueprint project, with or without a project template, is now within your reach. There are times; however, when you'll want to create and modify the source code driving your game. In the next section, we'll show you how to create a new CPP project from UE4.

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