2. Create Your Project

Create your Unreal Engine game project.

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This step is not necessary at this point, but it is always good to have a project ready to test deploy. You can skip this section if you already have a project prepared.




In the following section, we will go over setting up a new Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) project that can be launched or install on your iOS device.

  1. First open up the Unreal Project Browser to the New Project tab.


  2. Next, select a Blueprint based Third Person as the template with the following project settings. When completed press the Create Project button to create the project and load the UE4 Editor.

    • Mobile/Tablet

    • Scalable 3D or 2D

    • No Starter Content


End Result

When completed the UE4 Editor will launch, loading the newly created project like in the image below.


The PC-only workflow described in this guide requires a pure Blueprint only project. If you wish to use any code in your project, you will also need a Mac to compile the code. You can follow the Building for iOS on Windows page to develop code-based projects for iOS on a PC.

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