5. iOS Provisioning - Create App ID

Create an App ID and setup app services.

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App IDs are created and configured through the Apple iOS Developer site . An App ID is a two-part string used to identify one or more apps from a single development team. You will need one in order to create your mobile provisioning profile in the next step.

  1. Go to the iOS App IDs page on the Apple iOS Developer site.

  2. Click the Add (plus sign) button to add a new App ID.

  3. Enter a name for the App ID.


  4. Select the App ID Prefix for your App ID.


  5. Select Wildcard for the type of App ID to create and set the Bundle ID.


  6. Click Continue.

  7. Review the information and click Register.

End Result

When completed you will now have a new app ID added to your iOS app ID's page.

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