2. Taking Stereo Images

In this section, we will go over how to capture stereo screenshots using the Stereo Panoramic plugin.


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In this step, we will use the Stereo Panoramic plugin to capture the images of the level in stereo 3D.


  1. From the Main Toolbar press the Play button and then navigate your player to an area that you want to capture. For this example, we will be leaving the player in the middle of the Static Mesh but feel free to position the player anywhere you want to.


  2. Press the Backtick key (`) on the keyboard to open up the UE4 console and then input the following command. Once the command has been input press the Enter key to execute the command.

    • SP.PanoramicScreenshot


    Instead of typing out SP.PanoramicScreenshot in its entirety; you can just type SP.P and then select SP.PanoramicScreenshot from the displayed list using the arrow keys. Once SP.PanoramicScreenshot is selected, press the Enter key to execute the command.

  3. During the capture process, the editor might appear to be frozen or unresponsive for a few seconds or minutes. This is due to the demanding rendering requirements of the Stereo Panoramic plugin. When the editor becomes responsive again, you will be able to find the screenshots in the following location in your projects folder.

    • StereoPanoramaImages\Saved\StereoPanorama(Date & Time it was taken)

    Click for full image.

    If the image previews look washed in thumbnail images or when viewed in an image viewer it is because the Stereo Panoramic plugin will add an alpha channel to the output.PNG file.

    To create the images that you see in the folder the Stereo Panoramic plugin is rendering the scene from the viewpoint of each eye that is rotated around a fixed point to simulate the head turning around the neck.

With the images now created, in the next section we will take a look at how to build a Material that will allow the images to be viewed using a VR HMD.

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