BuildGraph Script Types

Learn about valid data types for BuildGraph attributes.


The following table contains valid data types that can be contained by BuildGraph attributes:




An arbitrary string.

String List

A list of arbitrary strings separated by semi-colons.


The constant true or false.


An integer constant.


A regular expression, using C# syntax.


A named entity. Any printable character, except ^ < > : " / \ | ? * ;. Single spaces are allowed (except at the start and end of a name).

Name List

A list of identifiers separated by semi-colons.


A label given to a list of files, beginning with the # character (i.e., #My Files).

Tag List

A list of tags separated by semi-colons. (i.e., #My Files;#Other Files).


A node name, aggregate name, agent name, or tag name. Indicates a sequence of nodes that need to be executed. Note that this overlaps with the meaning of Target as it applies to UnrealBuildTool (which refers to a single program being built).

Target list

A list of target names separated by semi-colons.

File Spec

A set of file and tag names, separated by semi-colons. Wildcards such as "...""_", and "?" are permitted when referencing files (i.e., Engine/.../_.bat). Unless otherwise specified, relative paths are resolved relative to the working root directory.

File Name

A path to a file. Unless otherwise specified, relative paths are resolved to the working root directory.

Directory Name

A path to a directory. Unless otherwise specified, relative paths are resolved relative to the working root directory.


conditional expression.

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