2.6 - Adding a Mesh to your Character

Learn how to add a mesh to your First Person Shooter character.


Download and extract the sample mesh from the following link:

During this step, we'll give the character a skeletal mesh. The Character class creates a SkeletalMeshComponent object for us by default, so all it needs to know is which SkeletalMesh asset to use.

Importing a Skeletal Mesh

  1. Navigate back to the Content folder inside of the Content Browser's file box.

  2. Now, right-click inside the Content Browser's file box to open the Import Asset dialog box

  3. Click 'Import to /Game...' to open the Import dialog box.


  4. Locate and select the GenericMale.fbx mesh file.

  5. Click Open to begin importing the mesh to your project.

  6. In the Content Browser, the FBX Import Options dialog box appears. Clicking Import adds your mesh to the Project.

  7. Click the Save button to save your imported mesh.

Setting up a Third Person Mesh

  1. Double-click the BP_FPSCharacter icon to open it in the Blueprint Editor.

  2. Click on the Mesh component in the Components tab.


  3. Scroll down to the Mesh section of the Details tab and click on the dropdown menu that says "None".

  4. Select the GenericMale skeletal mesh.


  5. Align the SkeletalMeshComponent to the CapsuleComponent by setting its Z Location to "-88.0".


  6. The SkeletalMeshComponent should now resemble the following:


    It's good practice to locate your SkeletalMeshComponent within the CapsuleComponent, facing the same direction that the ArrowComponent is pointing, ensuring that your character moves correctly through the world.

  7. Make sure to Compile and Save the BP_FPSCharacter Blueprint before closing the Blueprint Editor.

Verifying the New Mesh in PIE Mode

It's now time to view your newly added mesh in-editor.

  1. Click the Play button in the Level Editor Toolbar. You should be able to see your character's shadow as you move around.


    If you want to see your character's mesh inside the editor's viewport, press the F8 key to eject yourself from your pawn. After pressing the F8 key, you'll be able to to move your camera freely through the level. To move your camera, hold the left mouse button down while moving the mouse at the same time.


  2. Press the Escape key or click the Stop button in the Level Editor to exit Play in Editor (PIE) mode.

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