4.1 - Animating your Character

Learn how to animate your First Person Shooter character.


During this step, we're going to get some animations into our game.

Importing Animations

Before getting started, download and extract the provided animations from the following link:

  1. Right-click in the Content Browser and select New Folder.


  2. Name this new folder "Animations".

  3. Double-click on the folder to open it.

  4. Locate the five animation files, namely:

    • FPP_Idle.FBX

    • FPP_JumpEnd.FBX

    • FPP_JumpLoop.FBX

    • FPP_JumpStart.FBX

    • FPP_Run.FBX

  5. Right-click in the "Animations" folder and click Import to /Game/Animations/... to begin importing the animations.


  6. Select HeroFPP_Skeleton under the Select Skeleton heading, then click Import All to import all of the animations.


  7. You should now have all five animations inside of the Animations folder in the Content Browser.


  8. Click the Save button to save your imported files.

Creating the Animation Blueprint

  1. Click the Add New button and select Animation Blueprint.


  2. Select AnimInstance as the Parent Class and choose /Game/HeroFPP_Skeleton as the Target Skeleton.


  3. Name the new animation blueprint "Arms_AnimBP".

  4. Double-click Arms_AnimBP to open the Blueprint Editor.


Adding State Machine Transition Variables

  1. In the My Blueprint tab, click on the Add New button and select Variable.


  2. Make the variable a Boolean and name it "IsRunning".

  3. In the My Blueprint tab, click on the Add New button and select Variable.

  4. Make the variable a Boolean and name it "IsFalling".

  5. You should now have two animation transition variables that will drive the animation's state machine.

    Click on the image to zoom in.

Select Skin

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