Blueprint Glossary

Glossary of terms used when working with Blueprints.

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Generic term that can refer to the visual scripting system as a whole or a standard class Blueprint that defines a new class or type of Actor.


Custom Event

Event defined through the Blueprint Editor that can be executed via nodes in an EventGraph.



Executable method defined through code that has no return value and do not have any output parameters. Events are the starting points for execution and, thus, have only an output exec pin. These are executed from native code. Also see Custom Events.



Executable method defined either through code or through the Blueprint Editor that has at least one output parameter or return a value. Functions can either be Pure or Impure.

Function Call

Node that can be placed in an EventGraph to execute a Function.


Impure Function

Function that is free to modify state or members of the class. See the Pure vs Impure section for more details.


Private Variable

Variable that is only editable in the Class Defaults, and is reset to that default value each time the construction scripts are run. Private variables can be used to keep track of state within the Blueprint.

Public Variable

Variable that is editable individually on each instance of the Blueprint, but is considered constant within the graphs of the Blueprint. Public variables can be used to allow designers to tweak the look or behavior of a Blueprint on a per-instance basis.

Pure Function

Function that promises not to modify state or members of the class. See the Pure vs Impure section for more details.

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