4.5 - Associating Animation & Character Blueprints

Learn how to associate the Animation Blueprint with the Character Blueprint for your First Person Shooter project.


During this final section of the tutorial, we're going to associate the animation blueprint that we created with our character blueprint.

  1. Compile and save the Arms_AnimBP Animation Blueprint before closing it.

  2. Navigate to the Blueprints folder in the Content Browser and open the BP_FPSCharacter Blueprint.

  3. Select FPSMesh in the Components tab.


  4. Set the AnimationBlueprint for the FPSMesh to the Arms_AnimBP Animation Blueprint you just created.

  5. While you're in the Defaults mode, change the FPSMesh transform to {50, -15, -150} for Location and {0, 25, 350} for Rotation.

  6. Compile and save the Blueprint before closing it.

  7. Click the Play button in the Level Editor Toolbar.


    Your arms will be animated as they transition through the animations that you hooked together in the Animation State Machine.

Congratulations! You've learned how to:

✓ Set-up a Project
✓ Implement a Character
✓ Implement a Projectile
✓ Animate a Character

You've just completed the C++ First Person Shooter tutorial!

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