class unreal.ConcertSyncClientStatics(outer=None, name='None')

Bases: unreal.BlueprintFunctionLibrary

Concert Sync Client Statics

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: ConcertSyncClient
  • Module: ConcertSyncClientLibrary
  • File: ConcertSyncClientStatics.h
classmethod concert_jump_to_presence(other_user_name) → None

Teleport to another Concert user’s presence.

Parameters:other_user_name (str) –
classmethod get_concert_client_info_by_name(client_name) → ConcertSyncClientInfo or None

Get the ClientInfo for any Concert participant by name. The local user is found even when not connected to a session. Returns false is no client was found.

Parameters:client_name (str) –
Returns:client_info (ConcertSyncClientInfo):
Return type:ConcertSyncClientInfo or None
classmethod get_concert_connection_status() → bool

Get Concert connection status.

Return type:bool
classmethod get_local_concert_client_info() → ConcertSyncClientInfo

Get the local ClientInfo. Works when not connected to a session.

Return type:ConcertSyncClientInfo
classmethod get_remote_concert_client_infos() → Array(ConcertSyncClientInfo) or None

Get ClientInfos of current Concert participants except for the local user. Returns false is no remote clients were found.

Returns:client_infos (Array(ConcertSyncClientInfo)):
Return type:Array(ConcertSyncClientInfo) or None
classmethod persist_session_changes() → None

Persist the session changes and prepare the files for source control submission.

classmethod set_presence_enabled(is_enabled=True) → None

Set whether presence is currently enabled and should be shown (unless hidden by other settings)

Parameters:is_enabled (bool) –
classmethod set_presence_visibility(name, visibility, propagate_to_all=False) → None

Set Presence Actor Visibility

  • name (str) –
  • visibility (bool) –
  • propagate_to_all (bool) –
classmethod update_workspace_modified_packages() → None

Update Concert Workspace Modified Packages to be in sync for source control submission. deprecated: UpdateWorkspaceModifiedPackages is deprecated. Please use PersistSessionChanges instead.