class unreal.GameplayTagQuery(tag_query=[])

Bases: unreal.StructBase

An FGameplayTagQuery is a logical query that can be run against an FGameplayTagContainer. A query that succeeds is said to “match”. Queries are logical expressions that can test the intersection properties of another tag container (all, any, or none), or the matching state of a set of sub-expressions (all, any, or none). This allows queries to be arbitrarily recursive and very expressive. For instance, if you wanted to test if a given tag container contained tags ((A && B) || (C)) && (!D), you would construct your query in the form ALL( ANY( ALL(A,B), ALL(C) ), NONE(D) )

You can expose the query structs to Blueprints and edit them with a custom editor, or you can construct them natively in code.

Example of how to build a query via code:

FGameplayTagQuery Q; Q.BuildQuery(

FGameplayTagQueryExpression() .AllTagsMatch() .AddTag(FGameplayTag::RequestGameplayTag(FName(TEXT(“Animal.Mammal.Dog.Corgi”)))) .AddTag(FGameplayTag::RequestGameplayTag(FName(TEXT(“Plant.Tree.Spruce”)))) );

Queries are internally represented as a byte stream that is memory-efficient and can be evaluated quickly at runtime. Note: these have an extensive details and graph pin customization for editing, so there is no need to expose the internals to Blueprints.

C++ Source:

  • Module: GameplayTags
  • File: GameplayTagContainer.h