class unreal.MovieSceneScriptingEventChannel(outer=None, name='None')

Bases: unreal.MovieSceneScriptingChannel

Movie Scene Scripting Event Channel

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: SequencerScripting
  • Module: SequencerScripting
  • File: MovieSceneScriptingEvent.h
add_key(time, new_value, sub_frame=0.000000, time_unit=SequenceTimeUnit.DISPLAY_RATE) → MovieSceneScriptingEventKey

Add a key to this channel. This initializes a new key and returns a reference to it.

  • time (FrameNumber) – The frame this key should go on. Respects TimeUnit to determine if it is a display rate frame or a tick resolution frame.
  • new_value (EventPayload) – The value that this key should be created with.
  • sub_frame (float) – Optional [0-1) clamped sub-frame to put this key on. Ignored if TimeUnit is set to Tick Resolution.
  • time_unit (SequenceTimeUnit) – Is the specified InTime in Display Rate frames or Tick Resolution.

The key that was created with the specified values at the specified time.

Return type:


get_keys() -> Array(MovieSceneScriptingKey)

Gets all of the keys in this channel.

Returns:An array of UMovieSceneScriptingEventKey’s contained by this channel. Returns all keys even if clipped by the owning section’s boundaries or outside of the current sequence play range.
Return type:Array(MovieSceneScriptingKey)
remove_key(key) → None

Removes the specified key. Does nothing if the key is not specified or the key belongs to another channel.

Parameters:key (MovieSceneScriptingKey) –