class unreal.PanelWidget(outer=None, name='None')

Bases: unreal.Widget

The base class for all UMG panel widgets. Panel widgets layout a collection of child widgets.

C++ Source:

  • Module: UMG
  • File: PanelWidget.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • clipping (WidgetClipping): [Read-Write] Controls how the clipping behavior of this widget. Normally content that overflows the bounds of the widget continues rendering. Enabling clipping prevents that overflowing content from being seen.

    NOTE: Elements in different clipping spaces can not be batched together, and so there is a performance cost to clipping. Do not enable clipping unless a panel actually needs to prevent content from showing up outside its bounds.

  • cursor (MouseCursor): [Read-Write] The cursor to show when the mouse is over the widget

  • flow_direction_preference (FlowDirectionPreference): [Read-Write] Allows you to set a new flow direction

  • is_enabled (bool): [Read-Write] Sets whether this widget can be modified interactively by the user

  • is_volatile (bool): [Read-Write] If true prevents the widget or its child’s geometry or layout information from being cached. If this widget changes every frame, but you want it to still be in an invalidation panel you should make it as volatile instead of invalidating it every frame, which would prevent the invalidation panel from actually ever caching anything.

  • navigation (WidgetNavigation): [Read-Write] The navigation object for this widget is optionally created if the user has configured custom navigation rules for this widget in the widget designer. Those rules determine how navigation transitions can occur between widgets.

  • override_cursor (bool): [Read-Write] Override Cursor

  • render_opacity (float): [Read-Write] The opacity of the widget

  • render_transform (WidgetTransform): [Read-Write] The render transform of the widget allows for arbitrary 2D transforms to be applied to the widget.

  • render_transform_pivot (Vector2D): [Read-Write] The render transform pivot controls the location about which transforms are applied. This value is a normalized coordinate about which things like rotations will occur.

  • slot (PanelSlot): [Read-Write] The parent slot of the UWidget. Allows us to easily inline edit the layout controlling this widget.

  • tool_tip_text (Text): [Read-Write] Tooltip text to show when the user hovers over the widget with the mouse

  • tool_tip_widget (Widget): [Read-Only] Tooltip widget to show when the user hovers over the widget with the mouse

  • visibility (SlateVisibility): [Read-Write] The visibility of the widget

add_child(content) → PanelSlot

Adds a new child widget to the container. Returns the base slot type, requires casting to turn it into the type specific to the container.

Parameters:content (Widget) –
Return type:PanelSlot
clear_children() → None

Remove all child widgets from the panel widget.

get_all_children() -> Array(Widget)

Gets all widgets in the container

Return type:Array(Widget)
get_child_at(index) → Widget

Gets the widget at an index.

Parameters:index (int32) – The index of the widget.
Returns:The widget at the given index, or nothing if there is no widget there.
Return type:Widget
get_child_index(content) → int32

Gets the index of a specific child widget

Parameters:content (Widget) –
Return type:int32
get_children_count() → int32

Gets number of child widgets in the container.

Return type:int32
has_any_children() → bool

Returns true if there are any child widgets in the panel

Return type:bool
has_child(content) → bool

Returns true if panel contains this widget

Parameters:content (Widget) –
Return type:bool
remove_child(content) → bool

Removes a specific widget from the container.

Parameters:content (Widget) –
Returns:true if the widget was found and removed.
Return type:bool
remove_child_at(index) → bool

Removes a child by it’s index.

Parameters:index (int32) –
Return type:bool