The landing page for cubemaps: creation, export, import, and usage within Unreal Engine 4.


Cubemaps provide a simple method of environment mapping, in which distant scenery - such as skies and surrounding environments - is mapped to a panoramic texture. Under the hood, these textures are stored as a series of six images mapped to the inside faces of a cube.

Textures Content Creation

  • Cubemap Tools - An overview of the NVIDIA and AMD tools available for the creation of Cubemaps.

  • Creating Cubemaps - The process for assembling Cubemaps in Photoshop.

  • Exporting Cubemaps - How to export cubemaps out of Photoshop using the NVIDIA Texture Tools plug-in.

  • Importing Cubemaps - How to import cubemaps into Unreal Engine 4.

  • Using Cubemaps - How to utilize cubemaps once you have imported them into the engine.

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