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Welcome to the Decals example level! This level demonstrates ways in which Decals can be utilized in your levels.

To create a Deferred Decal Actor, drag and drop them from the Modes panel.


This is only accessible from the Modes panel if you're in Placement mode.

You then only need to apply a Decal Material, which is really just a regular Material that has had its Material Domain property set to Deferred Decal in the Material's Details panel.


As you move through the level, you will see a series of labeled plinths or displays. On each display is a number and short description, which corresponds to a section within this document. By cross-referencing what you see in the level with what you read here in the docs, you can quickly gain an understanding of how each example was created. For more information on how to use this example level, please see our documentation over Using Content Examples.

Some of the examples you see in the level may require you to Play (Alt-P) or Simulate (Alt-S) in order to see the full nature of the effect. In such cases, the display plinth will instruct you to do so. However, feel free to play the game in the Editor at any time and freely wander through the exhibits!


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