1.6 - Random Burst of Particles, Light, and Sound

An overview of the Effects Gallery example level.



This example is best seen during Play (Alt-P) or Simulation (Alt-S)!

Rarely do particles alone handle the job of a special effect. In most cases, you will need to combine particles, lights, sounds, and other elements to achieve your goal. This example shows how a Blueprint can be created in order to combine a Particle System with a light and sound effect. The effect is a simple Blueprint Class deriving from Actor. It contains the following Components:

  • The P_spark_burst Particle System.

  • A Sound Component that plays the sparks sound effect.

  • A Light Component to supply a dynamic flash of light.


The graph for the Blueprint defines a very simple behavior:

  • First, we calculate a random delay factor.

  • Once that random delay finishes, we fire the Particle System and then the sound effect.

  • We use a Timeline node to animate the brightness of the Light Component to cause the visible illumination of the flash.

Since the Particle System is set up to only fire a single burst, we get a nice single "pop" of particles that coincides beautifully with the light and sound.

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