Landscapes Content Examples

Overview of the samples provided in the Landscapes Content Examples.

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There are three examples provided inside the Landscape Content Example map which showcase how mountains, hills, and valleys can be created using the Landscape tools. The second and third examples demonstrate the use of two additional tools, the Spline tool (used to create pathways) and the Foliage tool (used to quickly scatter and place Static Meshes like trees).

You can find additional resources for each example by clicking on the example's name.

Landscapes Map


Listed below are the examples provided inside the Landscapes map:


What is Demonstrated

1.1 Landscape

A basic Landscape is shown along with a layered Material that blends soil, grass, and snow along the slopes of the carved mountains.

1.2 Spline Tools

Takes the Landscape from example 1.1 and adds a curved road using the Spline Tools.

1.3 Foliage Tool

Multiple trees and rocks are added to the Landscape from example 1.1 using the Foliage Tool.

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