1.4 - Matinee Cinematic

An overview of the Level Scripting example level, example 1.4: Matinee cinematic used to animate actors

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In this example, when the player walks through the door and touches a trigger box, a Matinee cinematic interrupts gameplay and animates various Actors. The Matinee sequence also includes an event track which, when triggered, starts a Timeline in the level script that continuously rotates the Directional Light in the level. When used with an Atmospheric Fog Actor, this gives the effect of the sun passing overhead, simulating a simple day-night cycle.

Level Script

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Cinematic mode: When selecting the Matinee Actor in the level, a number of properties are exposed. Because this Matinee is an example of an in-game cinematic, the cinematic mode options Block Movement Input, Disable Look at Input, and Hide Player are enabled, so that the player cannot move and is invisible while the Matinee is playing.

Atmospheric fog: The level script is typically the place where you would control or animate environmental effects, such as sun movement, fog, lightning flashes, and so on. In this case, an Atmospheric Fog Actor is used in conjunction with the Directional Light to create a very basic day/night cycle. The timeline in the level script rotates the Directional Light while changing its color, and the Atmospheric Fog Actor automatically adjusts the fog color and the sun disc's location according to the direction the Directional Light is facing.

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