2.1 - Level Streaming Volumes

An overview of the Level Streaming example level, example 2.1: Level Streaming Volumes


Level Streaming Volumes are Volumes that let you mark areas where a level will be streamed.

Usage gives you options for the behavior. Loading a level is not the same as making it visible. It is possible to load a level but keep it invisible. Loading can take a long time and sometimes needs to be done long before the level is visible. Also, loading can be unexpectingly long.(PC specs or dirty disc) That is when blocking is needed. If you want to avoid the player ever seeing a level appear out of nowhere, you have the option to pause the game (block) until the level is loaded/visible and then let the player continue.

When using Volumes, you usually want to have three stages of volumes. "Loading no visibility" then "Visible" and as last safety measure "Block" in case streaming toke to long.

To the what is going on in the background, you can use the console command stat levels it shows you a list with all map. Green= is not loaded. Yellow =loaded . Red = loaded and visible.

SVB_Loading = this will just load the map and does not change visibility (visibility can be set by blueprint).

SVB_LoadingandVisibility = this will load and set the map to be visibly as long as you are inside the volume.

SVB_VisiblityBlockingOnLoad = this will pause the game from start loading until it is visible.

SVB_Blocking on Load = this will pause the game from start loading to end loading but will not make it visible.

SVB_LoadingNotVisible = this will load the level but it sets it to not visible.

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