1.1 - Matinee Actor

An overview of the Matinee example level, example 1.1: Matinee Actor

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The Matinee Actor itself has a lot of properties in its details

Play rollout has setting for Play Rate. Play on Levelload, Looping, Skip update if Not visible, Is Skippable

Rewind rollout has settings for: Rewind on Play sets the current time to 0 every time it receives the PLAY action. No Reset on Rewind will keep all the Actors in its current state and just starts the Matinee again. For example a moving object will start to move the same track but from its current position. Rewind if Already Playing sets what happen if it is already playing and PLAY action is called.

The Cinematic rollout has options to restrict the player. So the cinematic is not affected by any gameplay.

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