1.3 - Track Types

An overview of the Matinee example level, example 1.3: Track Types

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There is huge range of tracks. But they are only available if the Actor supports them.

Vector Property Track - RelativeScale3d lets you scale the object. This is a vector3 X Y Z value in every Key.

Visibility is a toggle track when you create a key you have to select SHOW or HIDE. Every key can just switch to these two states.

Vector Material Parameter - Lets you modify a specified Material Property just add the Material and Parameter name you want to modify. Every Key has RGB color information. Right click on key to set color.

Sound Tracks - lets you add a sound cue that is selected in the content browser. The green bar visualizes the duration of the sound. The sound will use the location of the Actor that is assigned to the Group. (for attenuation/3d sound) If the sound track is in a Director Group it will be always playing at full volume at Player Position.

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