2.5 - Director Group

An overview of the Matinee example level, example 2.5: Director Group

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A Camera Group alone is not much good without the Director Group. By Default a Camera Track will not set the camera as view target. Also the little Camera button is just for editing and has no effect on how it is when the Matinee is played in game. The Director Group (DirGroup) has a track called Director. This sets the view target. When you add a key frame you have to select the Camera that you would to switch to at that point.

In this example I have two Cameras and half way through the Matinee I switch from Camera 1 to Camera 2

The Director Group also has a few special tracks that can be added.

Fade lets you fade in and out.

Slomo is changing the speed of time 1 equates to normal speed. less than 1 is slow motion. greater than 1 fast forward

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