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Overview of the samples provided in the Morph Targets Content Examples.

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The Content Examples provided inside the MorphTargets map demonstrate how with the use of a Skeletal Mesh (and additional assets outlined below in example 1.2), it is possible to use a Morph Target to blend between objects or scale aspects of a Skeletal Mesh. This map contains five examples ranging from a basic Morph Target setup, to manipulating Materials to match a Morph Target and even scaling facial features of a Skeletal Mesh.

MorphTargets Map


Listed below are the examples provided inside the MorphTargets map:


What is Demonstrated

1.1 Basic Morph Target

A very basic Morph Target example with an animation sequence (e.g. a cube that morphs into a sphere).

1.2 Morph Target Assets

The assets needed to use a Morph Target (e.g. FBX Skeletal Mesh, Skeleton, Physics Asset, Animation Sequence, and a Material with Used with Morph Targets checked in its properties).

1.3 Morphing Material Settings

Demonstrates how to morph between materials (e.g. a cube that morphs into a sphere and changes its material).

1.4 Vertex Normals

Description on how custom Vertex Normals may be used with Morph Targets.

1.5 Morph Targets on Skeletal Mesh

Shows how a Skeletal Mesh can use a Morph Target to manipulate its facial features (e.g. Owen character's nose is increase/decreased in size).

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