Migrating Content

Showing how to migrate content from any UE4 project into Action RPG.

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To help save time and resources, many of the items that you will find in Action RPG (ARPG) were migrated to ARPG from existing projects. In the following how-to, we will take a look at how you would go about migrating assets from different projects into ARPG.


  1. First, select all of the assets you want to migrate in the Content Browser.


  2. Next, right-click on any of the selected assets and go to Asset Actions and then select the Migrate option.


  3. The Asset Report dialog will now appear, which shows all of the assets and their dependencies that will be migrated.


  4. Press the OK button and then choose the Content folder of the UE4 project that you want to migrate this content to, pressing the Select Folder button to start the migration process.

End Results

If everything has been migrated correctly the following message will be displayed in the lower right-hand corner of the UE4 Editor.


If you attempt to migrate into anything other than a game content folder, you may receive the following message: image4.png

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