Unreal Match 3 Game

Sample game that shows best practices for mobile game development including Paper2D, UMG, leaderboards, achievements, in-app purchases, ads, and more.


This document refers to a sample game project called Unreal Match 3. You can find this project by doing the following:

  1. Click the Learn tab in the Epic Launcher and scroll down to the Games section.

  2. Click the image for Unreal Match 3 to see a description of the project. Click the yellow button named Free.

  3. After a short time loading, the button will change to Create Project. Click this button and the launcher will prompt you to choose a project name and location.

  4. Click Create and the project will download to your designated folder.

The Unreal Match 3 sample game was created to showcase the versatility and flexibility of Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). Unreal Match 3 will show UE4 developers how to create a mobile game that is targeted towards mid to lower end smart phones as well has how to implement social and money making features like achievements and In App purchase into their UE4 projects.

While the Unreal Match 3 project utilizes many different tools within the UE4 toolset, here are some of the major topics this project covers.

Platform Services


User Interface

Performance and Optimization

Training Streams

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