Building A UE4 Project with PSO Caching

Taking a look at building the PSO data into your UE4 project.

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In order for your Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) project to utilize the shader data that is contained in the stablepc.csv file, you will first have to build your UE4 project using the stablepc.csv file. In the following How-To, we will take a look getting a UE4 project set up so that it will include the Pipeline State Object (PSO) cache data when the project is built.


  1. Locate the stablepc.csv file that was created in the Building the PSO Cache How-To.

If you are not able to locate this file try checking in the Engine\Binaries\Win64 folder.

  1. Next, go to your projects Build > Platform Name > PipelineCaches folder and copy the stablepc.csv file to the Pipeline Caches folder.

If you do not see the PipelineCaches folder, make a folder called PipelineCaches and place the stablepc.csv file into that folder.

  1. When that has been completed, rebuild your UE4 project for the platforms that it supports.

End Results

When UE4 has finished building your project, you will now have a version of your UE4 project that can utilize the PSO caching data that was created.

For more information on ways to control how and when the PSO cache is compiled, check out theĀ Compiling & Using PSO Caching Data.

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