Setting Up an Unreal Project to Use Datasmith

In order to use Datasmith to bring content into the Unreal Editor, your Project needs to be set up with a some special plugins and content that are specific to Unreal Studio.


Datasmith can only import content into a Project that has access to a special set of content and Plugins. We call this an Unreal Studio Project, because access to this set of content and Plugins is covered by your Unreal Studio entitlement.

This page describes two ways you can make an Unreal Studio Project to use with Datasmith:

  • by creating a new one from a template that comes with Unreal Engine, and

  • by converting an existing project that you've already created from a non-Unreal Studio template.

Creating a New Unreal Studio Project

When you launch Unreal Engine from the Epic Games Launcher, and your account has the Unreal Studio entitlement active, every Project you create in the Editor will automatically be set up as an Unreal Studio Project. 

  1. Click the Launch button on the left-hand side of the Launcher to start the latest Engine Version you have installed. If you're using Datasmith, we recommend always keeping up to date with the latest released version of Unreal Engine 4.
    Launch an Engine version
    If you already have the Unreal Editor open, you can instead choose File > New Project... from the main menu, then skip to step 3 below.

  2. After a moment, you should see the Unreal Project Browser. Click the New Project tab if it's not already open.
    New Project tab

  3. Next, you'll choose a template and set some basic information about it:
    Choose a Template

    • 1 - Choose a template to start from.
      If you started the Unreal Engine from the Epic Games Launcher, you can select any Project on any tab, and your new Project will automatically be set up as an Unreal Studio Project.
      If you don't have a template in mind, the Blank template from the Unreal Studio tab is a fine choice to get started with.
      For more information on the available templates and what each of them does, see Unreal Studio Templates.

    • 2 - Enter the Folder where you want your project to be saved on your computer.

    • 3 - Enter a Name for your project.

  4. Click Create Project.
    Create Project

You should now be able to import Datasmith files and CAD files into your Project. See Importing Datasmith Content into Unreal Engine 4.

Converting an Existing Project to an Unreal Studio Project

Follow the steps below to convert an existing Project to an Unreal Studio Project.

  1. Open your Project in the latest version of the Unreal Editor.

  2. When your Project opens, select Edit > Plugins from the main menu to open the Plugins window.
    Edit | Plugins

  3. In the Plugins window, use the left panel to select Unreal Studio.
    Unreal Studio section

    You’ll notice that the Datasmith CAD Importer and Datasmith Importer are both grayed out. They are disabled for this Project because it's not yet an Unreal Studio Project.

  4. At the bottom of the Plugins window, click the Convert Project & Restart button to convert your Project to an Unreal Studio Project. Convert Project and Restart

You should now be able to use Datasmith to import Datasmith files and CAD files into your Project. See Importing Datasmith and CAD Content into Unreal Engine 4.

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