Unreal Engine 4.7 Update Notes


4.7.0 Release

Released: 02/24/2015

Github: https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/releases/tag/4.7.0-release

Release Notes: Unreal Engine 4.7 Release Notes

4.7.1 Hotfix

Released: 02/27/2015

Github: https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/releases/tag/4.7.1-release


  • UE-6706 Text does not scale when using the "Draw Text" node in a HUD blueprint

  • UE-7139 Crash caused by "/Game/Maps/UEDPIE_2_Menu.Menu not cleaned up by garbage collection!"

  • UE-7497 No Graphs are displayed in Visual Logger after enabling them

  • UE-9745 Color picker does not work.

  • UE-10016 Using the Merge Blueprints feature crashes the editor

  • UE-10114 LevelScript should not get a Overlap event added by default

  • UE-10137 Redirected graph nodes cause a crash in IsDataOnlyBlueprint

  • UE-10141 Vehicle code project has default texture in packaged game

  • UE-10143 High reflectivity on all materials in SunTemple on Android

  • UE-10167 Undoing a pasted custom event node with an input pin results in a crash

  • UE-10169 When installing VS through the editor, invoke installer with a command-line parameter that enables Microsoft's Telemetry

  • UE-10257 Mac to Android first time device is plugged in, after installing tadp user still has to place sdk paths

  • UE-10260 Pre-existing Foliage stays at highest LOD

  • UE-10277 Android fails to show as valid platform for Mac in UFE until editor is opened

  • UE-10283 TargetArray nodes are reported as invalid if played in Standalone mode but not in PIE

  • UE-10298 Creating an exposed variable does not always update correctly to the bp's Details panel

  • UE-10305 Set Timer node does not stop the timer if it is set to zero by the Custom Event

  • UE-10313 Crash playing animation montage in reverse

  • UE-10319 Crash attempting to edit a Struct Transform's rotation value as a slider

  • UE-10406 All shadow casting on Paper2D sprites is broken (no sprites cast shadows)

  • UE-10410 Reparenting an Actor blueprint crashes the editor

  • UE-10510 Crash occurs applying instance changes to blueprint when instances have different changes

  • UE-10524 Icon reports failure to add if creating a project with source control enabled

  • UE-10529 TappyChicken: HTML5: Firefox: The Fullscreen button now displays the screen offcentre (large black border on the right)

  • UE-10537 Editor crash when child component has physics enabled and is moved

  • UE-10562 Empty if blocks are generated in shaders and can cause driver compiler crashes on Android

  • UE-10646 Crash occurs copying a non-scene component in component window

  • UE-10650 Possible crash in USceneComponent::UpdatePhysicsVolume

  • UE-10658 Excessive memory consumption in some circumstances due to off-by-1 count error

  • UE-10732 Actor's attached to an Actor with a blueprint created root component don't stay in correct relative position when moved

  • UE-10793 GitHub 851 : Update .gitignore - ignore FeaturePacks

  • UE-10812 Comparing BB entries doesn't work

  • UE-10822 Crash clearing the undo buffer during blueprint merge

  • UE-10826 Crash compiling Level BP after deleting event

4.7.2 Hotfix

Released: 03/04/2015

Github: https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/releases/tag/4.7.2-release


  • UE-11207 ios launch fail after upgrading to 4.7.1, provision not found, signing key not found

  • UE-11202 Horizontal navigation in Notify timelines is super-frustrating

  • UE-11130 Cannot build code projects for ios

  • UE-11102 Mac editor sometimes crashes in FMacWindow::IsMaximized when creating a new window

  • UE-11046 Crash in FLandscapeComponentSceneProxy::GetStaticBatchElementVisibility with tiny component size

  • UE-11023 Opening the engine crashes: Assert failed: GConfig->GetInt

  • UE-11018 Synced BlackBoard keys don't work

  • UE-8589 MatineeFightScene has no sound on mac

  • UE-8550 Audio cuts out during scene transitions in the Particle Effects cinematic

4.7.3 Hotfix

Released: 03/17/2015

Github: https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/releases/tag/4.7.3-release


  • UE-11029 Crash after converting to 4.7.0 from 4.6.1

  • UE-11404 Second player is not affecting by any gamepad input.

  • UE-11402 Editor will not build if you have PS4 code, and ONLY SDK 2.0

  • UE-11485 Compiling the engine with Xcode 6.3 beta generates errors

  • UE-10128 Preview Static mesh does not translate with socket

  • UE-11315 Bugg 38187: SIGSEGV: invalid attempt to access memory at address 0x1010102

  • UE-10569 Crash when opening maps and blueprints in user's project

  • UE-10708 Build failing for users project with all platforms

  • UE-11312 Mac Bugg 38298: SIGSEGV: invalid attempt to access memory at address 0x3

  • UE-11369 Crash when clicking on a "Two Bone IK" node

  • UE-11185 A function in a Blueprint Function Library that references another function in that library cannot be saved after closing and reopening the project

  • UE-11322 Crash when refreshing/moving/deleting BP nodes

  • UE-11743 4.7 does not support Morpheus under SDK 2.0

  • UE-11302 Cannot deploy to iPad

  • UE-11692 Crash when rendering hit proxies

  • UE-11304 Can't compile CrossCompilerTools due to missing file

  • UE-11484 Fix Xcode 6.3 beta clang issues.

  • UE-11393 Tiled landscape import' creates overlapped landscape components

  • UE-11017 GitHub 857 : Fixed native enum support in blackboard component.

  • UE-10697 Crash when opening Post Process Material with Live Data Preview running in Profiler

  • UE-11225 Closing Chunk Parameters tabs with chunk selected and reopening Destructible will cause crash

  • UE-10149 Project crashes on load after modifying Parent Blueprints

  • UE-11244 Crash when renaming assets from the Persona asset browser

  • UE-11272 Blueprint compile error when upgrading project

  • UE-11319 Crash on project open (Assertion Failed)

  • UE-11401 Need more logging in the Deployment Server

  • UE-11292 Editor Crashes when clicking on Transform(Modify) Bone node in Content Examples

  • UE-10900 Crash in FBatchingSPDI::DrawMesh in stand alone game

  • UE-11505 Crash launching Blueprint Office standalone

  • UE-10856 Crash on dragging static meshes into the scene

  • UE-11298 Crash with Distance Fields while using World Composition

  • UE-11422 GitHub 894 : wrong parsing of the return of adb cmd: device

  • UE-11447 Player Character does not collide with landscape

  • UE-11638 GetActorsPerception useless in 4.7

  • UE-11589 GitHub 909 : Update .gitignore

  • UE-11605 Overridden components are broken in static Actors in cooked build

  • UE-11666 UberGraphFunction should be preloaded in Class::Link

  • UE-11711 Severe log spam when particles collide with static objects

  • UE-11640 AI Move To issues in 4.7

  • UE-11360 Placing a ' - ' in theproject name will cause the Android build to fail

  • UE-11647 Denver Tegra K1 (Nexus 9) disables rendering thread causing bad performance

  • UE-11383 Screen orientation is ignored on Android devices.

  • UE-11460 A level will not save if a Blueprint that uses a Blueprint Component with an Event Dispatcher is placed in it

  • UE-11600 Performing a hot reload on a project that contains an FStringAssetReference will crash the Editor.

  • UE-11707 Implement workaround for Localization being broken for a number of editor strings

  • UE-11592 Cook on the fly Android projects crash after launching on the device.

  • UE-11739 In some circumstances CrowdManager doesn't get created.

  • UE-11321 Crash when creating landscape

  • UE-11777 BP-implemented BT decorators end up thinking they're not on active branch

  • UE-11826 MediaPlayer14 class lookup crash with distribution builds

  • UE-11840 Launch on Nexus 9 fails due to unknown arm64-v8a architecture

  • UE-11893 Editor crashes when dragging a docked window

4.7.4 Hotfix

Released: 04/02/2015

Github: https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/releases/tag/4.7.4-release


  • UE-11891 MoveToActor doesn't update AI's path on goal actor's move

  • UE-11997 Navigation crashing on PIE in absence of NavOctree

  • UE-12108 [CrashReport] Ensure in UPrimitiveComponent::SetCanEverAffectNavigation()

  • UE-12106 [CrashReport] Saving after blueprint change causes crash.

  • UE-12443 [CrashReport] Crash in blueprints during autosave

  • UE-9417 It is easy to make a comment box unselectable when it overlaps with another comment block

  • UE-10891 Force deleting a blueprint that is parented to another blueprint causes crash

  • UE-10865 4.6.1 to 4.7 conversion crash "Assertion failed: Pin != nullptr ...K2Node_DynamicCast.cpp]"

  • UE-11523 DateTime variables will cause a crash on compile

  • UE-11011 Crash (assert) when accessing a property in a blueprint

  • UE-12073 [CrashReport] Disconnecting/changing blueprint nodes causes crash.

  • UE-12206 GitHub 944 : UE-12128: Properly save structs when struct field default value is different

  • UE-12962 Editor crashes after clicking on "Apply Instance Change to Blueprint" button

  • UE-10574 Component properties of template not propagated when SpawnActor called

  • UE-12109 [CrashReport] Crash while attempting to load a project

  • UE-11368 uv scale of materials on hollow BSP does not persist after building geometry

  • UE-4743 Crash when moving a sprite imported as part of a spritesheet to another folder if the sprite names had invalid character

  • UE-11372 Access Violation in UE4Editor_SlateCore!TWeakPtr when changing view options

  • UE-9824 Widget class is replaced with a placeholder class when reloaded

  • UE-10040 Copy/Paste a button inside of another button then attempting to move the pasted button crashes editor

  • UE-11204 Crash when returning to viewport from immersive mode with an editor window tabbed beneath

  • UE-12915 Crash when using static lighting in foliage

  • UE-7213 Crash occurred trying to cycle gizmo in Persona Anim BP Viewport

  • UE-9982 Sprites with non-center pivots can be invisible in thumbnail renders

  • UE-12196 Automatic collision generation is incorrectly rotated for sprites that were imported as rotated from a sprite sheet

  • UE-12041 Sprite sheets with modified textures don't reimport correctly

  • UE-7918 Sprites don't initialize PixelsPerUnrealUnit in cooked builds, causing invalid values for GetSocketLocation, etc... for assets that have Pixels/uu of 2.56

  • UE-11903 Crash closing ElementalDemo game in opengl

  • UE-12150 Crash launching PIE when sublevel contains landscape in hidden level

  • UE-12111 [CrashReport] Crash after undoing/deleting landscape.

  • UE-12433 Editor crashes when toggling off visibility for a sublevel that contains a landscape

  • UE-11815 [CrashReport] Crash while attempting to connect iOS device.

  • UE-12165 Morpheus crashes occasionally while running

  • UE-12209 Canvas items are not drawn correctly in Morpheus

  • UE-12211 Morpheus tears visibly even when VSync is on.

  • UE-12212 Morpheus runs HMD distortion shader an extra time.

  • UE-12324 Morpheus rendering broken when console rendering is on the screen.

  • UE-11302 Cannot deploy to iPad

  • UE-12063 Cannot package project on Linux

  • UE-12210 Morpheus IPD is applied incorrectly.

  • UE-13048 Xbox projects (code and BP) launch to black screen, logs show success

  • UE-12213 Landscape material reverts to default when launched onto an Android device

  • UE-12542 MAC: Very slow texture compression times in Editor

  • UE-12235 Large performance regression in shadow rendering.

  • UE-6190 UVs skewed in Mobile Preview mode for some skeletal meshes

  • UE-11865 Open a level that contains instanced meshes (with built lighting) will crash the editor

  • UE-10664 Crash in OpenGL3 and OpenGL4 occurs when opening any map after having a map loaded with foliage.

  • UE-11810 [CrashReport] Crash in ULevel::BuildStreamingData casting Texture

  • UE-11434 New user crashes on Editor load

  • UE-12228 Invalid error messages in crashes

4.7.5 Hotfix

Released: 04/08/2015

Github: https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/releases/tag/4.7.5-release


  • UE-13250 Multiplayer Shootout project sample crashes on start

  • UE-13274 Projects crashing on launch after converting from 4.7.3 to 4.7.4

  • UE-11828 HydroErosion on landscape crashes on Linux

4.7.6 Hotfix

Released: 04/20/2015

Github: https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/releases/tag/4.7.6-release


  • UE-13664 MAC: Crash on startup

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