Unreal Engine 4.8 Update Notes


4.8.0 Release

Released: 06/08/2015

Github: https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/releases/tag/4.8.0-release

Release Notes: Unreal Engine 4.8 Release Notes

4.8.1 Hotfix

Released: 06/24/2015

Github: https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/releases/tag/4.8.1-release


  • UE-11816 [CrashReport] Garbage collection crashes not caused directly by the editor

  • UE-12079 Crash: UGameInstance::StartGameInstance "Failed to enter xx"

  • UE-14313 Tappy chicken size has increased dramatically from 4.6 to 4.7

  • UE-15505 Elemental Demo when played does not start matinee

  • UE-15651 GitHub 1148 : Fix divide by zero when importing 0-length animations

  • UE-16471 UMapProperty crashes

  • UE-16513 [CrashReport] Adding a Return node to a function that contains a Local array variable then compiling will crash the engine

  • UE-16521 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Core!FRunnableThread::SetTls() [threadingbase.cpp:267]

  • UE-16711 Xbox fails to open BP projects for shipping config

  • UE-16724 StaticFindObject can return objects that have not been fully streamed in

  • UE-16752 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_D3D11RHI!VerifyD3D11CreateTextureResult() [d3d11util.cpp:223]

  • UE-16754 GatherTextFromSource commandlet always fails when using the deprecated SourceFileSearchFilters setting.

  • UE-16789 'Target' pin name in certain BP nodes jitters in localized mode

  • UE-16806 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_HotReload!GetCachedCDODuplicate() [hotreload.cpp:636]

  • UE-16844 [CrashReport] Building lighting with a CustomMeshComponent in level causes crash

  • UE-16894 Interrupting the KiteDemo cinematic leaves you with no drone controls

  • UE-16900 Crash when Applying Hole Material to Imported Tiled Landscape with World Composition

  • UE-16907 Project using ScriptPluginComponents can crash when upgrading to 4.8

  • UE-16918 Sprite sheets cannot be reimported in 4.8 in a project that was converted from an older version

  • UE-16971 Packaging fails with plugin and full rebuild checked

  • UE-16972 Self reference disconnecting on editor restart

  • UE-16995 Crash undoing TMap UProperties

  • UE-17008 Editor crashes every time you save if there is no editor startup map set

  • UE-17067 Engine builds need to include engine localization data

  • UE-17075 The localization dashboard generates inaccurate paths when referencing files on a different drive than the binary.

  • UE-17082 Project debug symbols are no longer included in crash reporter callstacks.

  • UE-17087 Assertion failed: !Result || Result->LinkerLoad == Linker crash

  • UE-17111 Indirect Lighting Cache is broken on PS4

  • UE-17129 Crash when terminating a Matinee camera anim

  • UE-17153 USkinnedMeshComponent::QuerySupportedSockets behaves differently in !WITH_EDITOR

  • UE-17194 LoadPackageInternal may crash due to corrupted linkers

  • UE-17221 Hot reloading does not work on Linux

  • UE-17222 CPU usage is not decreased when the editor isn't in foreground on Linux

  • UE-17228 Cook commandlet dies on Linux with error if run on a headless machine.

  • UE-17233 Media streaming from the internet is not working on Windows

4.8.2 Hotfix

Released: 07/14/2015

Github: https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/releases/tag/4.8.2-release


  • UE-16177 When launching the editor and having oculus_runtime_sdk_0.6.0.0_win_partner installed, the editor crashes.

  • UE-16608 Convert Actor option is grayed out and not selectable. (ConversionRoot metadata not found)

  • UE-16822 [CrashReport] Saving in animation Blueprint can cause a crash

  • UE-16896 Level streaming crash in KiteDemo after retriggering cinematic

  • UE-16905 User Play Space Rot does not change anything in Client Play Camera Shake

  • UE-16966 Default settings cannot be used to import character animations

  • UE-16970 StrategyGame crash on android devices bad name index

  • UE-17103 Curve editor breaks randomly in Cascade

  • UE-17118 Custom Output node added to a Material Editor crashes Editor

  • UE-17163 [CrashReport] dxgi! and RHI related crash on project open

  • UE-17167 [CrashReport] Character interaction with asset causes crash

  • UE-17177 Localization manifest writing fails if source control is hooked up and the manifest file does not exist already.

  • UE-17211 [CrashReport] Clicking connection wires between Blueprints nodes causes crash

  • UE-17212 Stack overflow due to heavy recursion in indirect lighting cache

  • UE-17213 LightSourceAngle is incorrectly greyed out

  • UE-17216 [CrashReport] Crash in FD3D11ComputeShader::~FD3D11ComputeShader()

  • UE-17226 OnPaint function causes artifacts to show up in a New Editor window

  • UE-17384 Import options broken when importing bones-only fbx animation

  • UE-17385 Android game packaged with obb outside apk does not create SaveGame directory on device

  • UE-17400 Regression for UPROPERTY specifier causing crash ("Template Mismatch during attachment") during PIE

  • UE-17419 Crash compiling BPAIController and RunnerAI via session frontend test

  • UE-17443 DynamicModifiersOnly navmesh generation mode doesn't work

  • UE-17523 Paper2D Set Sprite function in Construction requires mobility to be set to Movable

  • UE-17562 [CrashReport] Crash in TBaseMulticastDelegate >::AddDelegateInstance()

  • UE-17569 GitHub 1309 : [Core][Windows] Don't crash when GetRawInputData() fails.

  • UE-17673 Clicking the GameMode Override dropdown in the World Settings tab crashes the editor

  • UE-17792 Analog Input does not work for network clients (AddMovementInput scale values other than 0 and 1 do not replicate for clients)

  • UE-17829 Second client fails to load when using multiplayer PIE in separate processes

  • UE-18020 Crash Report Client - updates to data collection

  • UE-18041 [CrashReport] Fatal error in PostInitProperties

  • UE-18080 [CrashReport] Crash in UProjectileMovementComponent::TickComponent()

  • UE-18173 Crash report client submits user names for github builds

4.8.3 Hotfix

Released: 07/29/2015

Github: https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/releases/tag/4.8.3-release


  • UE-18668 Crash when closing projects

  • UE-17342 Crash when exiting PIE after server travel

  • UE-18530 Assert in ConformComponentsUtils::FindeNativeArchetype

  • UE-19151 Parallel Rendering is disabled in Shipping builds

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