4. Create the Basic Assets

To start, you will need create 7 assets in the Content Browser: An AI Controller Blueprint, A Character Blueprint, and Behavior Tree Asset, a Blackboard Asset, an EnvQueryContext_BlueprintBase (EQS Context) Blueprint, and 2 Environment Query templates. These are all the assets you will need to complete this Quick Start.


  1. New > Blueprint > AI Controller.

    You will need to search for AI Controller, as they are different from Player Controller.

    Name this Blueprint "Runner_AI_CON".

  2. New > Blueprint > Character.

    Name this Blueprint "AI_Character".

  3. New > Artificial Intelligence > Behavior Tree.

    Name the Behavior Tree "RunnerBT".

  4. New > Artificial Intelligence > Blackboard.

    Name the Blackboard "RunnerBlackboard".

  5. New > Artificial Intelligence > Environment Query.

    Name one Environment Query "FindHidingSpot".

  6. Name the other Environment Query "FindPlayer".

  7. New > Blueprint > EnvQueryContext_BlueprintBase.

    Name the Environment Query "PlayerContext".