Observe Bone

The Observe Bone node can be used to give debug transform information about a specified bone.

Below, a bone by the name of b_MF_Hand_L is being observed and debug information is being displayed.



Skeletal Control

Bone to Observe

Name of the bone to observe.

Display Space

Reference frame to display the bone transform in.

Relative to Ref Pose

Whether or not to show the difference from the reference pose.



Input Pins

Component Pose

The incoming pose.

Observe Bone nodes are also affected by the LOD Threshold system introduced in 4.11. You can find the setting for this in the Details Panel for the Observe Bone node.



LOD Threshold

This is the max Level of Detail (LOD) that this node is permitted to run on. For example: if you have LOD Threshold set to 2, it will run until LOD 2, but disable itself once the component's LOD becomes 3.